3 Important Facts About the Statute of Limitations

When motorists are injured in car accidents, they often need help dealing with the financial aftermath, including medical expenses, lost wages, property repair costs, and more. Fortunately, if the accident was caused by someone else’s errors, the injured driver may be entitled to compensation. However, an injured motorist only has a limited time to file due to a legal rule known as the statute of limitations.

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Three Things to Know About the Statute of Limitations

When you are considering filing an injury claim, the statute of limitations can greatly impact your case. Thus, it is important to understand these three important facts about the statute of limitations.

#1: The Statute of Limitations Limits Your Time to File

The statute of limitations requires claimants to file their injury claims within a 2-year period, or they risk losing the option to pursue legal action entirely.

#2: The Discovery Rule May Apply

The statute of limitations has a “discovery rule” in Iowa. This means that claimants have two years after they discover their injury to file, not just two years from the time of accident. This is necessary because in some cases, such as certain nerve or muscle damages, there may be no real signs of injury until weeks or months after the actual injury occurred.

#3: The Statute of Limitations Depends on the Claim

Certain circumstances in a claim can change the way the statute of limitations applies. For instance, medical malpractice claims may have different time limits than auto accident claims.

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