3 Obstacles to a Car Accident Lawsuit

All motorists are expected to drive in a manner which promotes their own safety as well as that of others on the roadway. If a driver’s negligence or recklessness leads to the injury of another party, they may be held legally responsible for whatever injuries occur as a result of their actions. Simply being involved in a motor vehicle accident does not guarantee that one will be able to pursue legal action.

If you have been injured in a crash caused by another motorist or a negligent third party, our experienced attorneys may be able to help you to pursue financial compensation. To learn more, contact the Iowa car accident lawyers of LaMarca Law Group, P.C., at 877-327-2600 today.

Mistakes or Facts Weighing Against a Lawsuit

A person injured in a car accident may not be able to pursue a claim in Iowa depending on their own involvement in an accident. They should know the following three things:

  1. If a driver was mostly at fault, they cannot sue for compensation.
  2. If a driver did not seek medical treatment when appropriate, their injury claim may be weakened.
  3. Injured drivers may be required to prove that they were not responsible for their own injuries.

A skilled and knowledgeable attorney can help to advise you of the appropriate course of action when you have been harmed in a car accident caused by another party.

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