Accidents Caused by Negligent Ambulance Drivers

A person can be severely injured because of an ambulance driver’s negligence. Although these individuals are responsible for transporting patients to a hospital, they may not drive safely. This is especially a problem when ambulance drivers are not transporting a patient. When a patient is not being helped by an ambulance or the vehicle is not en route to assist a patient, the driver needs to obey all regular traffic laws.

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Reckless and Negligence from Ambulance Operators

A driver of an ambulance needs to have the proper training and experience to safely drive a large-sized vehicle and to navigate through traffic quickly. These vehicles are given special assistance when on the road, as motorists are supposed to pull over to allow the ambulance to pass. However, this special treatment does not extend to ambulances that do not have their sirens on or are not transporting patients.

An ambulance driver or company may be held responsible for injuries caused in the following cases:

  • Drunk driving accidents
  • Vehicle defects caused by a lack of ambulance maintenance
  • Negligent hiring or inadequate training
  • Driving recklessly when a patient is not in the ambulance
  • Drowsy or distracted driving

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