Ask Your Car Accident Attorney These 3 Questions

When a person is injured in a car accident that was caused by someone else’s mistakes, they may wish to consider pursuing financial compensation. In these situations, it is advisable to hire a legal advisor who can help them to file a civil lawsuit. However, finding the right legal advisor can be a daunting task in its own right.

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3 Questions an Attorney Should Be Able to Answer

Most people are unfamiliar with the law or any sort of legal proceeding. Even for those who have some experience with a prior case, they often recognize the complexity of the law and how difficult to can be to handle. To find an advisor, someone considering legal action should think about asking the following questions:

#1: “How much experience do you have with this sort of case?”

Different lawyers have different levels of experience with various kinds of injury cases. It is important for a person to learn whether a potential legal advisor has prior experience with his or her type of case.

#2: “How do you intend to approach my case?”

When a person wants to know if an attorney really cares about their case, they should ask an attorney a question that may require some show of legal knowledge and some level of detail with regard to the claimant’s own injuries. If an attorney is willing to take the time to carefully explain their approach to an injury claim, this may be taken as a sign that they have their client’s best interests in mind.

#3: “What is your fee?”

Although the discussion of money often makes people uncomfortable, a person should find out what kind of financial expectations an attorney holds for their clients. This sort of issue will come up later, and it is best that attorney and client clear the issue before it becomes a problem.

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