Auto Accidents and Expressive Aphasia

A person who suffers a brain injury in a car accident may lose substantial brain function. If an injury affects the parts of the brain responsible for language comprehension and production, an affected individual may lose the ability to understand and construct coherent sentences. Sadly, the loss of language abilities can have a major impact on an individual’s personal life and their professional opportunities.

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Loss of Speaking Abilities

The trauma inflicted on a person’s head in an auto accident may result in serious damage to brain tissue. When this damage affects the parts of the brain responsible for creating and understanding language, individuals may suffer from a condition known as expressive aphasia. This condition affects an individual’s ability to understand spoken language, and in some instances, it may affect their ability to produce coherent speech.

The following symptoms are commonly seen in cases of expressive aphasia:

  • Inability to put together a cogent sentence
  • Inability to use grammatically important word endings
  • Inability to construct grammatically correct sentences
  • Inability to understand others’ speech
  • Loss of vocabulary

This disorder can be treated in many cases through therapy. In some instances, medicine may be used to improve the results of therapy. However, these treatments can become a major financial burden for many injured individuals.

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