Avoiding Filing a Frivolous Injury Lawsuit

A person injured in an automobile collision may wish to pursue financial compensation through a civil lawsuit when an insurance claim appears to be insufficient or is denied. If successful, a legal action might recover the costs of a medical treatment as well as other expenses such as lost wages and compensation for suffering. However, these lawsuits must be founded upon a legitimate legal basis. This means that these legal actions must obtain the basic requirements of every negligence-based suit.

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Frivolous Lawsuits

Lawsuits are considered frivolous if they do not meet the legally established requirements of a negligence-based injury claim. These lawsuits are thrown out of the court and the individuals pursuing them may be penalized. However, a legal advisor can help a claimant better understand whether they have a legitimate claim so that they can avoid this undesirable outcome.

The law requires the following for each lawsuit:

  • An injury, not necessarily physical, that can be compensated for
  • A discernible cause of that injury
  • A person or organization that is responsible for that cause

Without these basic parts of a lawsuit, the court may opt to reject the lawsuit altogether. It is the responsibility of a legal advocate to let a claimant know if their case will likely be considered frivolous or not.

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