Malfunctions with Driver Assistance Systems

Advanced driver assistance systems have been employed in many different automobile models. These systems add a variety of improvements meant to keep drivers out of harm’s way. In some cases, a driver assistance system can even help a driver prevent a collision they would have otherwise caused. However, if a computer malfunction occurs, these systems may go off-line or to cause the vehicle to respond in a manner that is unsafe. This can leave a motorist without an important safety system that could keep them from being injured.

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The Hazards of Failed Computer Systems

A driver assistance system is often a complex computer system that reads a series of sensors and calculates how to improve the vehicle’s performance or how to prevent an accident. Through these calculations, an advanced driver assistance system can actually improve a driver’s abilities in some cases.
The following systems are included in many newer automobiles:

  • Adaptive speed controls
  • Better control while going down a hill
  • Improved night vision
  • Drowsiness alerts for tired drivers
  • Blind spot warning systems

Losing these assistance systems can make driving less safe, especially for motorists who are accustomed to the benefits of these systems.

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