Failures with the Engine Control Unit

Modern motor vehicles include complex computer systems in their engines to maximize efficiency. These computers, known as engine control units or ECUs, calculate an incredible number of factors with extreme speed. This allows these computers to control the important functions of an engine with high efficiency. However, all of this reliance on computers can result in some serious problems if an ECU malfunctions.

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Problems with ECU Malfunctions

The engine control unit in a car governs an engine’s basic functions. This means that an error with the computer can lead to some severe engine problems. Most of these input systems will either operate or they will not. As such, if the system turns off, the engine may fail. ECU malfunctions can lead to the following engine problems:

  • Fuel injector system failure
  • Spark timer problems
  • Engine light malfunctions
  • Cooling fan problems

These malfunctions can bring an engine to a halt, which will result in a loss of power for the vehicle. This loss of power or control could result in a devastating car accident.

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