Faulty Seat Belts

Many states are adopting laws that require both front seat occupants as well as back seat passengers in a car to wear a seat belt at all times. This is because studies have shown the importance of wearing safety belts in auto accidents. However, if a seat belt fails, it can cause serious injury for you and those you love.

When you buckle your seat belt, you are taking an extra step to protect yourself in case of an accident. Sadly, though, if you have a defective seat belt, this extra step does absolutely no good for your health and well-being. In fact, you could be left with serious injuries such as head trauma or spinal cord damage. If you have been injured due to a defective seat belt, you should fight back. Contact an experienced Iowa auto defect attorney from LaMarca Law Group, P.C., today at 877-327-2600 to discuss your case.

Common Seat Belt Defects

Your seat belt should be strong so that you can depend on it if there is an accident. However, there are some common seat belt defects that can prevent your safety device from doing its job of protecting you. Problems with seat belts include:

  • Coming unlatched during times of high stress
  • Protruding release buttons that may be accidentally hit during a wreck
  • Weak materials that can break, making the belt useless
  • Lap-only design and construction
  • Excess slack during deceleration

Seat belts are meant to hold you tightly within the seat so that you do not suffer from whiplash and spinal cord injuries in the event of a collision. If your seat belt fails, resulting in injury, you should not hesitate to speak with an experienced attorney as soon as possible.

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Seat belts are meant to be a safety protector. However, if a belt is defective, it can put your life in danger. If you have been harmed by a faulty seat belt, contact an experienced Iowa auto defect attorney from LaMarca Law Group, P.C., at 877-327-2600 today.

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