Des Moines ranks second on Forbes list for best jobs

The Iowa car accident lawyers of LaMarca Law Group, P.C. have learned that Des Moines, Iowa has ranked second on the Forbe’s list of the Best Cities for New Jobs in the United States.

The unemployment rate is one of the main reasons why Des Moines was ranked so highly on this list. Since the economic recession, the city of Des Moines has had a steady 6 percent unemployment rate. The national unemployment rate average is 8.3 percent, so Des Moines has more gainfully employed residents than other cities across the country.

A survey estimated that by 2016, employment in the Des Moines area will go up by 8.6 percent, increasing from 36,000 jobs to 461,000 jobs. This rise in available jobs means that the city will be a desirable location for young professionals looking to start their careers.

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