Thousands of potentially defective Harley-Davidson bikes being investigated

An investigation was recently launched by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) after they were notified that the brakes of some Harley-Davidson motorcycles may fail during operation, Fortune reported.

The investigation began after the NHTSA received 43 complaints of brake malfunction, three of which resulted in accidents and two of which caused injuries. The probe into the potentially defective braking system could impact 430,000 motorcycles. The riders experience the issues unexpectedly and suddenly. In one incident, a motorcyclist from Arkansas said his bike began to “shake and wobble” because of the problem. In another complaint, a Texas motorcyclist said the brake lever of his motorcycle stuck while on the road. Harley-Davidson stated via email that they are cooperating with authorities to look into the motorcycles’ braking issues.

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Fatal accidents in Iowa expected to increase in 2016

Iowa authorities predict that this year’s number of deadly road accidents will increase from 2015’s, an article of The Des Moines Register reported on June 27.

According to the Iowa Department of Transportation (DOT), 170 people in the state died in vehicular accidents from January to June this year. This year’s record exceeded the five-year average of 140 for the same time period. The DOT said the number of fatalities early this year are likely caused by a combination of distracted or impaired driving, speeding, and not wearing seat belts. Although an increase in miles traveled is also to blame, a state patrol officer noted that many of the fatal accidents were single-vehicle crashes caused by speeding. The officer advised motorists in Iowa to wear seat belts, slow down, and avoid driving while intoxicated or distracted.

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