Waterloo employee suspected of impaired driving facing charges

An animal control employee in Waterloo, Iowa has been charged with operating a vehicle while intoxicated (OWI) after he got involved in an accident in June that resulted in one personal injury, an article of The Courier reported on August 10.

According to reports, aside from first offense OWI, reckless driving and not reporting an injury citations were also given to the 55-year-old male city vehicle driver whom authorities arrested on July 20. The man, who was driving a minivan on June 25, struck the back portion of a vehicle in the vicinity of Mohawk Street. The driver of the other vehicle was transported to a hospital due to back pain complaint. Though the animal control officer passed a breathalyzer test, a sample of his blood was tested. The arrest was then made, after nortramadol, tramadol, and hydrocodone painkillers were allegedly detected from the blood sample.

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