Ames terminates bus driver involved in fatal accident

The bus driver who fatally struck a female university student last December was recently terminated by the City of Ames, an article of Omaha World-Herald reported on November 26.

According to a legal counsel representing Ames City, they terminated the 24-year-old bus driver on November 22 who had failed to inform authorities that he struck an ISU student. The driver who was then an employee of CyRide was only terminated several months after the incident, and during that time, he had received salary amounting to $28,533. Reports also revealed that the driver was put into jail for 30 days after pleading guilty for not reporting an accident. The driver has been considered to be working for the City of Ames as his employer, CyRide, is funded by the city.

Mazda vehicles that may catch fire recalled in the US

Japanese auto manufacturer Mazda Motor Corporation recently issued a recall to thousands of their vehicles in the U.S. to replace a component that could cause a fuel leak and lead to fire, a November 15 article of Reuters reported.

Information coming from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) revealed that the recall covers 70,000 previous models of RX-8 sports cars equipped with substandard sealing rings in the fuel pump. Federal highway safety regulators explained that the vehicles are likely to catch fire if fuel leaks from the deteriorated pump sealing rings. The automaker and federal authorities have not received any incidents of personal injuries or accidents involving the recalled vehicles. Mazda is expected to notify owners of recalled vehicles for the free pump sealing ring replacement in the vehicles.

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NHTSA: Automakers need to fix Takata airbag issue

Takata is to blame for the faulty airbags used in millions of vehicles. Even so, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recently said it is the “ultimate responsibility” of automakers to take the steps necessary to fix their vehicles, a November 3 article of Fortune stated.

On November 2, the head of the NHTSA said automakers might not be working properly to fix all of their vehicles that may still be using Takata airbags. Honda is currently the automaker with the most vehicles in need of a fix. Honda, on the other hand, said they are reaching out to owners of older vehicles that have potentially hazardous airbags. The Japanese airbag manufacturer was pressured by the NHTSA to issue a recall after confirming their airbags could explode during accidents and cause serious injuries to vehicle occupants.

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1 dead in 2 separate semi-truck collisions in Iowa

State authorities in Iowa recently responded to two separate incidents involving vehicular collisions and a fatality that happened in the same place and on the same day, an article of KCRG reported on November 2.

Information coming from the Iowa State Patrol revealed the two accidents took place on October 31 along Interstate 380. The first collision happened around 1:00 p.m. and involved a semi-truck and a minivan. The semi struck the minivan from behind. Both vehicles came to a stop on the grassy median lane. Authorities confirmed the minivan driver was pronounced dead at the crash scene.

Around 2:45 p.m. on the same day, another collision between two vehicles happened not far from the first accident scene. Responders reported that the second accident was also a rear-end collision. One of the two drivers were transported to a nearby hospital due to injuries sustained that were not life-threatening. Authorities are still investigating the two incidents.

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