FCA recall thousands of SUVs to repair possibly defective engines

One of the world’s largest vehicle manufacturer, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA), is expected to recall the engines of approximately 50,000 Sports Utility Vehicles (SUV) that could malfunction, a December 23 article of ABC News reported.

Though the recall was issued worldwide, reports revealed that majority of the affected vehicles were in the U.S. According to reports, the 2.4-liter or 2-liter engines in the 2016 models of Jeep Compass, Dodge Journey, and Patriot may suddenly stop from running during operation. FCA explained that such problem could happen if the engines’ sensor connector were to work improperly. FCA told reports that they have not received any incidents of injuries or accidents before they issued the recall. Fiat Chrysler dealers will notify affected owners for the replacement of the engine components in their vehicles.

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Mazda vehicles that may catch fire recalled in the US

Japanese auto manufacturer Mazda Motor Corporation recently issued a recall to thousands of their vehicles in the U.S. to replace a component that could cause a fuel leak and lead to fire, a November 15 article of Reuters reported.

Information coming from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) revealed that the recall covers 70,000 previous models of RX-8 sports cars equipped with substandard sealing rings in the fuel pump. Federal highway safety regulators explained that the vehicles are likely to catch fire if fuel leaks from the deteriorated pump sealing rings. The automaker and federal authorities have not received any incidents of personal injuries or accidents involving the recalled vehicles. Mazda is expected to notify owners of recalled vehicles for the free pump sealing ring replacement in the vehicles.

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NHTSA: Automakers need to fix Takata airbag issue

Takata is to blame for the faulty airbags used in millions of vehicles. Even so, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recently said it is the “ultimate responsibility” of automakers to take the steps necessary to fix their vehicles, a November 3 article of Fortune stated.

On November 2, the head of the NHTSA said automakers might not be working properly to fix all of their vehicles that may still be using Takata airbags. Honda is currently the automaker with the most vehicles in need of a fix. Honda, on the other hand, said they are reaching out to owners of older vehicles that have potentially hazardous airbags. The Japanese airbag manufacturer was pressured by the NHTSA to issue a recall after confirming their airbags could explode during accidents and cause serious injuries to vehicle occupants.

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Ford adds 1.5M vehicles to their faulty door latch recall

American vehicle company Ford Motor Co. recently decided to recall 1.5 million additional vehicles with potentially defective door latches that can cause injuries to intended users, an article of KCCI 8 reported on September 8.

Ford told reports that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) advised them to broaden the recall. According to reports, Ford is now recalling 2.4 million vehicles due to a problem that could cause the door to open spontaneously or not close properly. The problem may occur while the vehicle is being used. Ford explained that the door problem can happen if the spring tabs on the doors are damaged. Ford is expected to replace all the affected door parts for free.

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Hundreds of thousands of Ford and Lincoln vehicles recalled

Nearly 830,000 various models of Ford and Lincoln automobiles in the U.S. are under recall due to complaints that occupants may suffer injuries if the door latches malfunction when driving, an August 4 article of CNBC reported.

Reports revealed that the doors of the 828,053 affected vehicles may unlatch during operation and cause injuries to consumers. Previous models of Ford Escape, C-MAX, Focus, Mustang, and recent models of Transit Connect were affected by the recall. Lincoln also issued a recall to previous models of MKC that may have door latch problems. The multinational vehicle manufacturer decided to issue a recall after becoming aware of an accident complaint and an injury caused by the malfunctioning door latches. Ford is offering a free repair to owners of the recalled vehicles and said that the recall focus is in states with unusually high temperatures. Over 60,000 of the recalled vehicles were sold in Mexico.

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GM recall of pickup trucks with seat belt defect

A seat belt issue prompted General Motors to issue a voluntary recall to an estimated 1.04 million vehicles, bulk of which are in the U.S., an April 15 report of CNBC stated.

The recall affects the 2014-2015 models of GMC Sierra 1500 and Chevrolet Silverado vehicles. According to reports, the seat belt may fail to protect the driver in accidents if the flexible steel cable connecting the seat belt is damaged. GM found, through their warranty claims, that the problem may occur if the driver repetitively bends the cable with everyday use. GM stated there were no incidents of accidents or injuries before they issued the recall. Some 895,232 of the recalled vehicles reportedly were in the U.S. and approximately 142,000 were sold in other countries. GM dealers will repair the affected vehicles by replacing or improving the seat belt tensioner unit.

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Paul Walker’s father sues Porsche for wrongful death

Paul Walker’s father filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Porsche on Nov. 25, claiming that the German automaker failed to install safety features that could have saved his son’s life in the 2013 crash.

According to the wrongful death lawsuit filed by lawyers of Paul Walker III, Porsche failed to incorporate certain “safety features” in the 2005 Carrera GT in which the “Fast and Furious” actor was a passenger. The lawsuit claimed that Walker could have survived the fiery crash on Nov. 30, 2013 if his vehicle had safety features similar to other racing cars. The lawsuit also alleged that the seatbelt restraining Walker and the sidings of the vehicle contributed to the actor’s fatal injuries. Roger Rodas who was driving the Porsche also died in the Los Angeles crash.

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Third GM recall to be issued for vehicles with unresolved fire risks

General Motors (GM) is preparing to issue its third recall of about 1.4 million vehicles with fire risks, as repairs conducted in the previous recalls failed to correct the issue that was being addressed.

According to reports, the two previous GM recalls of the same vehicles both failed to address the leaking oil issue that placed vehicles at risk of catching fire. About 1,300 vehicles that were repaired by dealers in previous recalls reportedly caught fire according to GM. So far, there have been 19 minor injuries reported as a result of related fires.

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Over 26K Ford vehicles with faulty seatbelts recalled in the US

American auto manufacturer Ford Motor Co. issued a recall in August to some 26,400 trucks to repair a seatbelt problem that may increase injury risk in accidents, an article of the Detroit News reported.

Reports said the seatbelts of some Ford F-750 and F-650 trucks may fail to lock in proper position. The possibly faulty seatbelts are located in the front passengers’ seat and at the center seat of the vehicles. Vehicle occupants are at a higher risk of sustaining injuries if the problem occurs in an event of a crash, according to a Ford statement. No one was reportedly injured before Ford issued the recall. The automaker also said that they are still developing ways to address the seatbelt problems of the affected vehicles.

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Honda motorcycle recalled in the US

Some 45,153 various models of Honda motorcycles are being recalled in the U.S. to repair a problem that can cause the motorcycles to stall during operation.

Reports said operators of the recalled motorcycles are at high risk of sustaining injuries if the engines unexpectedly stop during operation due to power loss. The problem was linked to a manufacturing error in the starter relay switch of the motorcycles. Though Honda initially issued the recall for early July, they expanded the recall to cover recent motorcycle models. Honda stated that they will repair the relay switches of the affected bikes for free.

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