Three injured in Iowa truck and car accident

Three people were injured in a car and truck accident in Raymond Iowa.

The crash occurred at 8:30 a.m. on Lafayette Road when a Pontiac Sunfire was heading east and collided with a flat bed truck. The passenger door of the car was caught on the towing equipment of the truck and was ripped off.

This caused the car to spin across the lanes of traffic before coming to a stop. Three people in the car were taken to the hospital, but the extent of their injuries were unknown. Iowa State Patrol is currently investigating the accident at this time.

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50 pigs on roadway after truck accident

Fifty pigs were let lose on the highway after a truck accident in Kansas.

A truck that was carrying 720 pigs from Missouri to Iowa overturned on the ramp from I-435 North. A local news station reported that the truck rounded a corner too fast and lost control of the vehicle.

The man was wearing a seat belt and was able to escape serious injury. Fifty pigs then got out and ran all over the roadway while crews tried to corral them together.

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