Ames terminates bus driver involved in fatal accident

The bus driver who fatally struck a female university student last December was recently terminated by the City of Ames, an article of Omaha World-Herald reported on November 26.

According to a legal counsel representing Ames City, they terminated the 24-year-old bus driver on November 22 who had failed to inform authorities that he struck an ISU student. The driver who was then an employee of CyRide was only terminated several months after the incident, and during that time, he had received salary amounting to $28,533. Reports also revealed that the driver was put into jail for 30 days after pleading guilty for not reporting an accident. The driver has been considered to be working for the City of Ames as his employer, CyRide, is funded by the city.

Three hurt in Iowa vehicle crash

A two-vehicle mishap, allegedly caused by a reckless driver in the northeastern portion of Mason City, resulted in three personal injuries, an August 27 article of Globe Gazette reported.

Information coming from the Cerro Gordo County personnel revealed that at around 8:50 p.m., two vehicles had a collision at the crossway of Spruce Avenue and 305th Street. A GMC Yukon vehicle heading south reportedly was broadsided by an eastbound Chevrolet Silverado. The GMC driver only identified as a 26-year-old man reportedly failed to stop at a traffic sign before the collision took place. The man, his passenger, and the 37-year-old woman driver of the other vehicle were all treated at a medical facility. A baby passenger of the woman was not injured in the crash. The GMC driver was given a citation after the incident. Both vehicles were believed to be totaled, reports also said.

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4 dead in Iowa tragic head-on crash

Four people recently died, including two Des Moines police officers, in a two-vehicle accident on an Iowan highway, News Channel 3 reported on March 26.

According to reports, at about 12:40 a.m., a head-on crash caused by a wrong-way driver occurred on Interstate 80. The police officers and a female inmate passenger were on their way back to Des Moines when their utility vehicle was struck head-on by a vehicle going the wrong direction, a police spokesperson stated. The police officers and their passenger died in the crash scene. The wrong-way driver, who caused the collision, also died in the incident. Des Moines police, in a news conference held on the same day, released some details of the crash, stating that both police officers and the wrong-way driver were wearing seat belts. The Iowa State Patrol are still conducting their investigations. The governor of Iowa expressed his deep sympathy and issued an order to lower the flags to half-staff.

Dubuque County accident leaves two injured

Reports coming from Dubuque County authorities revealed that at around 9:30 on the morning of November 6, a two-vehicle collision occurred on Highway 136 and left two drivers with injuries. The accident reportedly happened while a New Vienna woman was attempting to pass a vehicle on the two-way road.

The woman was traveling southbound, and she noticed an oncoming vehicle after moving into the northbound lane to make the pass. The woman attempted to get back in the southbound lane, but she over-corrected and collided with the oncoming car driven by a 66-year-old man from Colesburg. The collision sent both vehicles into a nearby ditch.

The man had to be airlifted to a hospital for treatment of his serious injuries.

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Dubuque driver ticketed after damaging salon in accident

A Dubuque driver recently was cited for causing damage to a nail salon by accidentally crashing a rented car into the facade, KCRG reported on February 28.

Reports said the accident happened not long after 6:00 a.m. on February 26 at the Nails for U salon. Dubuque resident Devin Stampley, 37, placed his foot on the gas pedal of a rented car and crashed into the facade of the nail salon. No one sustained injuries in the accident even though the nail salon already had customers inside. Estimated damages reached up to $10,000, including the rented vehicle. Stampley, who was cited for reckless driving, told officials he thought the car was in park when the accident happened.

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3 non-serious injuries in Iowa school bus accident

Three people suffered injuries in an accident in Storm Lake involving two school buses, Who TV reported on January 12.

Reports coming from authorities said that a school bus containing 39 students was struck from behind by another school bus containing 58 students. A school bus driver, an adult aide and a student were all transported to a hospital, and they are expected to make a full recovery. Authorities issued a citation to the bus operator who was responsible for the collision, as the driver should have been paying adequate attention.

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2 hospitalized in Iowa semi-trailer collision

Two semi-trailer truck drivers sustained injuries in an accident that happened on a highway in Iowa, KCRG reported on December 29.

Reports said the Iowa Department of Transportation and other personnel from nearby locations responded to a crash between two trucks on Highway 13 at around 2:00 a.m. Authorities stated that truck driver identified as 63-year-old Joe Lomax struck the back portion of another truck operated by Debra Kiser, 62. Lomax reportedly did not see Kiser moving on the side when the collision occurred. Both drivers were believed to only have sustained non-life threatening injuries when they were taken to the hospital. A part of Highway 13 was momentarily closed to traffic after the collision.

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Two injured in Cedar Rapids 7-vehicle crash

A seven-vehicle accident in Cedar Rapids area resulted in the injury of two people, KCRG reported on July 23.

According to Lt. Cody Estling of the Cedar Rapids Police, a vehicle was reportedly seen driving the wrong way on Interstate 380 before 7:00 a.m. Moments later, they received a report of seven vehicles that crashed because of the wrong-way vehicle. The driver of the vehicle that caused the crash and one other were injured and taken to a hospital. A portion of I-380 was temporarily closed while responding crews worked at the scene of the accident. The driver was in his 70’s, and police are investigating whether any medical condition was related to his reckless driving behaviors.

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Bicyclist killed in Iowa collision

A man riding his bicycle on June 20 was killed after he was struck by a vehicle in northern Iowa, WOWT NBC Omaha reported.

The fatality was identified by the Iowa State Patrol as Shawn Gosch, 47. Gosch was reportedly biking near Manson when a vehicle driven by Eric Meyer, 30, struck him at the back. The bicyclist died at the hospital due to the severe injuries sustained. Another bicyclist identified as Jeffrey Gray, 49, was thrown into a ditch in the course of the accident. He was hospitalized as a result, although his injuries were not severe, and he is expected to make a full recovery. Whether or not Meyer was injured in the accident is not known.

The lawyers at LaMarca Law Group, P.C., express their deepest condolences to the family and friends who are suffering during this difficult time.

Bicyclist injured in Larchwood accident

On Sunday, April 6 a Larchwood collision between a car and a bicycle left one cyclist injured.

According to the Lyon County Sheriff’s Office, the accident occurred on Fell Street when a cyclist was struck head-on by a westbound vehicle. The cyclist was rushed to a nearby hospital.

The driver involved in the accident was identified as Matthew Bruggeman. Bruggeman’s vehicle reportedly sustained damages from the crash.

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