Recent models of Toyota vehicles with airbag issues recalled

Toyota recently initiated a recall involving over 803,000 vehicles due to an A/C condenser leaking problem that can lead to airbag malfunctions.

According to the recall, a leak in the air conditioning condenser of the recalled vehicles may cause the airbag to work improperly. Toyota has already received reports of airbags launching at inappropriate times and causing injuries. The recall affects the recent models of the Camry, Camry Hybrid, Avalon, Avalon Hybrid, and Venza SUVs. Toyota explained that the leak may cause a short circuit in the airbag control unit, leading either to inadvertent deployment or disabling of the airbag. The leak may also damage the communication line and jam the power steering assist of the vehicles.

Dealers will resolve the potential airbag problem by fixing the leaking condenser and setting up a cover to further protect the airbag control box of the vehicles.

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