Three hurt in Des Moines vehicular accident

At least three individuals suffered injuries in southern Des Moines due to a head-on collision, The Des Moines Register reported on October 14.

According to statements, the collision happened around 8:00 p.m. on Fleur Drive in the vicinity of the Iowa Highway 5 Interchange. Responding rescue personnel reportedly extracted the injured individuals from two vehicles. Preliminary investigations showed that one of the vehicles drifted into the opposite lane and caused the collision. Des Moines Fire Chief Dan Burke stated that the accident resulted to “significant injuries.”

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Saab vehicles with seatbelt defects recalled by GM

Thousands of Saab convertibles are being recalled by General Motors to address a potential seat belt defect.

According to the auto manufacturer, the seat belt retractors installed in the driver’s seat of 28,789 Saab convertibles may easily break, putting drivers at an increased risk of injury during accidents.

A GM spokesperson mentioned that they have not received any reports of injuries relating to this particular defect. GM will replace the seat belt retractors for no charge.

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Iowa State trooper injured in multiple car pileup

On Saturday, January 18 an Iowa State Trooper was injured after his vehicle was involved in a multiple vehicle pileup in Iowa City.

According to reports Iowa State Trooper, Jim Trainor, 42, did not sustain serious injuries from the car accident. The accident occurred on I-80 near Dodge Street when multiple cars crashed into one another.

The witness that phoned 911 told police that more and more cars were becoming involved in the collision in the brief period of time that he spent on the phone. Estimates report that the “chain reaction” of accidents involved dozens of cars.

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Iowa woman injured in SUV rollover accident

On Sunday, December 8 a woman suffered injuries after her SUV rolled into a median just outside of Sioux City.

According to Iowa State Trooper, Chad Schweitzberger, the rollover incident occurred around 3 p.m. on Highway 20 when the eastbound vehicle of Kylie Hinrich, 20, lost control, veered to the side of the road, and rolled over.

Kylie, the only occupant of the 2000 Jeep Wrangler, was taken to Mercy Medical Center after sustaining minor injuries. Trooper Schweitzberger said that the crash is being investigated and there were no signs of intoxication.

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1 killed and 1 injured in Dallas County crash

A motorist was killed after his vehicle was struck by another vehicle in Dallas County on the afternoon of May 13.

According to the Iowa State Patrol, the accident happened at around 2 p.m. on 170th and E Avenue, southwest of Perry, when a northbound vehicle driven by Nelson Mobley was struck on the passenger side by a westbound vehicle driven by Tiffany Hollingsworth. Mobley, who was not wearing a seat belt, was pronounced dead on the spot after the two vehicles roll into the ditch. Hollingsworth was brought to the hospital by responding paramedics. Troopers said Hollingsworth survived because she was wearing a seat belt.

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Elderly woman found sleeping in vehicle after wreck

Early Thursday morning, Iowa State Patrol officers found an 86 year-old woman asleep in her wrecked vehicle along a country road.

The woman is currently being treated at the Floyd County Medical center for injuries sustained in the accident.

Authorities believe that the accident occurred after she lost control of her vehicle, and struck trees and a culvert during the wreck.

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