Thousands of Chrysler Jeeps recalled

Automaker giant Fiat Chrysler Automobiles recently issued a recall of an estimated 56,000 Jeep Cherokee vehicles due to fire risks caused by a potential electrical short circuit, an article of U.S. News reported on December 18.

Reports said the recall affects 2015 and 2016 models of Cherokee SUVs that may be susceptible to a water leak that can allow water to reach the electronic components in tailgates of the vehicles. The SUVs are reportedly at risk of catching fire if this exposure to water caused an electric short circuit.

While Fiat Chrysler has not received complaints of injuries associated with the defect, the company has learned of two vehicles catching fire. Owners of the affected vehicles are advised to keep their power-enabled tailgates dry while waiting for repairs.


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Third GM recall to be issued for vehicles with unresolved fire risks

General Motors (GM) is preparing to issue its third recall of about 1.4 million vehicles with fire risks, as repairs conducted in the previous recalls failed to correct the issue that was being addressed.

According to reports, the two previous GM recalls of the same vehicles both failed to address the leaking oil issue that placed vehicles at risk of catching fire. About 1,300 vehicles that were repaired by dealers in previous recalls reportedly caught fire according to GM. So far, there have been 19 minor injuries reported as a result of related fires.

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Automaker broadens Takata airbag recall

Japanese auto manufacturer Honda Motors Co. announced on May 28 an additional recall of 690,000 vehicles that may have faulty airbag inflators made by Takata, according to a Reuters report.

According to reports, in the expanded Honda recall, an estimated 350,000 vehicles in the U.S. and 340,000 vehicles in Japan are affected. Honda decided to expand their recall after Takata Corp. was forced to cooperate with federal auto safety authorities and included 34 million vehicles in their recall. Millions of vehicle around the world have been recalled by several automakers due to potentially hazardous airbags that may release metal-like shrapnel from damaged inflators during airbag deployment. The problem has been linked to fatal accidents and serious injuries.

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600K Subaru vehicles recalled in 20 cold states

More than 600,000 Subaru vehicles are being recalled in 20 states, including Iowa, due to brakes that may be vulnerable to corrosion, WQAD8 stated on July 3.

According to reports, 660,238 Subaru vehicles in various models and make may leak brake fluid if the lining becomes corroded–something it is more likely to do in the states where salt is regularly used to melt ice and snow during the winter. In a memo sent to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), Subaru said drivers may experience braking problems if the vehicle’s brake fluid has leaked. Owners of Subaru vehicles are advised to contact their dealers or the NHTSA to get more information.

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New models of GM mid-sized sedans recalled for brake issues

Some 8,200 new General Motors (GM) sedans are being recalled by the American car maker due to a possible braking problem in the front wheels, CBS News reported on May 16.

The rear brake rotors in the 2014 models of Buick Lacrosse and Chevrolet Malibu mid-sized sedans were reportedly installed in the front wheels. Affected vehicles may unexpectedly lose front wheel brakes or braking delay if the brake pads wear out. GM said they will start to inform owners on May 29 of free repairs at their local dealership. At least 11.2 million of vehicles have been recalled by the automaker since January.

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Over 59k mid-sized GM sedans in U.S. and Canada recalled

More than 59,000 mid-sized sedans made by General Motors Co. (GM) were recalled due to a potential injury it may cause to owners if the transmission shift failed to work, Reuters article stated on May 6.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) said 59,628 previous models of Saturn Aura sedans sold in the U.S. and Canada with four-speed automatic transmissions were recalled because a transmission cable may break. Operators may experience problem in shifting to “park” position if this happens, increasing their risk of sustaining injuries if the vehicle unexpectedly moves. The automaker said they are aware of crashes and injuries involving the recalled sedans. The NHTSA said GM will repair the problem in the transmission of the Auras for free.

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