Drunk driving deaths surge in Iowa as license revocations remain few

Fatalities related to drunk driving on Iowa roads increased last year, but fewer drivers are having their licenses revoked.

Last year, there were 123 deaths related to drunk driving recorded in the state, an increase from the 110 fatalities recorded in 2014. Despite the mild surge in fatalities last year, the number of licenses revoked has dropped by hundreds since 2014. An official speaking for Mason City Crime Prevention stated that there are some drivers who are bad drivers even when their blood alcohol level is well below the .08 percent limit. The Crime Prevention Coordinator elaborated that it is important for individuals who are planning to drink to have a designated driver even if they are only planning to have a few drinks.

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Iowa athlete arrested for drunk driving

An Iowa college football player was recently arrested after he was suspected of driving a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol. On Sunday, February 14, Iowa City police reported that defensive back player Omar Truitt was stopped at the intersection of Linn Street and Iowa Avenue at around 12:38 a.m.

Because of inclement weather, the officers were unable to conduct intoxication tests at the intersection and Truitt was transported to the Iowa City Police Department where his blood alcohol content could be tested. Police issued a citation to Truitt after blood tests revealed a BAC level of 0.091 percent. Athletic officials in Iowa stated that they are working on gathering more information regarding the incident.

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Drunk driver facing child endangerment charges in Iowa

An intoxicated driver was arrested in late September and is currently facing several charges in Newton after authorities found him operating his vehicle under the influence of alcohol with his four children riding in the car with him at the time.

According to reports, a 40-year-old Marshalltown resident was apprehended on September 26 after he was observed by a police officer to be driving erratically along the 1300 block of First Avenue. Authorities discovered that there were four children inside the vehicle, and the driver – who happened to be their father – reportedly refused to submit to testing and admitted to being intoxicated several times. The driver was also apparently driving without a valid license and had two prior OWI arrests.

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Iowa athlete suspended after drunken driving arrest

A male university wrestler in Iowa was recently suspended from team activities after state authorities arrested him for driving a vehicle while intoxicated (OWI), an article of The Des Moines Register reported on July 11.

The 21-year-old wrestler for Iowa State University reportedly is facing an OWI charge after he was arrested by Iowa police. Authorities did not provided further details regarding the wrestler’s arrest and the charge filed against him. The wrestler’s coach expressed disappointment about the arrest and stated that they are handling the issue seriously, as the wrestler violated the code of conduct. The wrestler, who is currently suspended indefinitely from his team, is known to have two family members who were former members of the “Cyclones” wrestling team.

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Man drives drunk with child in the car

Rockwell, Iowa Police recently arrested a man who was driving drunk with a child in the a vehicle, KCCI News 8 reported on November 24.

Police on November 22 received a call concerned about a car driving erratically in Cerro Gordo County. Police later identified and arrested Benito Hernandez for drunk driving. Several charges, including OWI and child endangerment, were filed against 22-year-old Hernandez after police found an unrestrained 3-year-old child inside of his vehicle.

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Policeman injured in Story County OWI crash

A police officer suffered from injuries recently after the patrol car he was driving was struck by another vehicle in Story County, an article by whotv.com reported on June 9.

Reports coming from Iowa State Patrol stated the incident occurred on June 8 when the squad car of Huxley policeman Nick Swanson was struck from behind by a vehicle driven by Nevada resident Kasi Stahl on the overpass of 315th Street. Officer Swanson was investigating a reported cattle sighting on Interstate 35 when the accident occurred. Responding paramedics brought Swanson to the hospital after he sustained non-life threatening injuries. Stahl, who was charged with Operating a vehicle While Intoxicated (OWI), was booked in Story County Jail.

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Two bars sued for over-serving drunk driver who caused fatal accident

Businesses in Jesup and Independence were sued for their role in Bryan Cornwell’s intoxication prior to the fatal accident he caused on the road, the Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier stated on May 23.

Jesup-based bar Bucketz Bar & Grill and Heartland Acres Agribition Center in Independence were sued last April for serving Cornwell an excessive amount of alcohol. The 22-year-old pickup driver from Oelwein had a blood alcohol content of 0.214 on June 22 after he struck the motorcycle carrying Derek Martie and Kathlyn Leekley on Dubuque Road. The accident killed Leekley, while Martie survived after sustaining multiple injuries. Cornwell was recently sentenced to 32 years of imprisonment.

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