Honda motorcycle recalled in the US

Some 45,153 various models of Honda motorcycles are being recalled in the U.S. to repair a problem that can cause the motorcycles to stall during operation.

Reports said operators of the recalled motorcycles are at high risk of sustaining injuries if the engines unexpectedly stop during operation due to power loss. The problem was linked to a manufacturing error in the starter relay switch of the motorcycles. Though Honda initially issued the recall for early July, they expanded the recall to cover recent motorcycle models. Honda stated that they will repair the relay switches of the affected bikes for free.

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More than 81K GM vehicles with failing power steering recalled

General Motors (GM) is recalling over 81,000 vehicles because of a power steering system that may fail, an article on stated February 14.

According to the automaker, drivers may experience problems in controlling the affected vehicles at slower speeds if the power steering malfunctions. If this problem occurs, drivers may notice a chime and will see a message appear on the vehicle’s information center. Though GM said they are aware of a crash involving a recalled vehicle, there were no reported incidents of deaths or injuries before they issued the recall. Dealers will install a new sensor to address the problem.

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Airbag accident happens outside of recall territory

The family of a fatal car accident victim now believes that their relative died in Arizona as a result of Takata’s negligent handling of their airbag recall, an article on stated December 3.

According to Iowa City-resident Kim Kopf, her sister Charlene died in a car accident where shrapnel expelled from a bursting airbag fractured her skull. The vehicle that killed Charlene in 2003 was part of the Takata recall, however Arizona was not listed as an eligible state. The family is considering filing a lawsuit after news of death and injury linked to Takata airbags continue to surface.

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Thousands of GM vehicles in the U.S. recalled

Over 48,000 vehicles manufactured by General Motors (GM) are being recalled in the U.S. to address a seat belt problem that may increase injury risk in accidents, GM Authority stated on September 17.

Reports said there are an estimated 48,114 Buick Encore compact SUVs and Cadillac ATS sedans with faulty pretensioner cables that may not lock the lap belts of the drivers’ seat and front passenger seat. Occupants are at high risk of suffering injuries in crashes if the safety belts unexpectedly malfunction. Owners of the affected vehicles will receive notifications to replace of the faulty pretensioner cables at their local dealerships once the parts are ready.

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