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Undoubtedly, driving a large semi truck or 18-wheeler requires knowledge and skill. These heavy, powerful vehicles take wide turns, have large blind spots, and need extra room to brake. Thus, it is important for anyone who drives a truck to undergo special training and education so that they can safely operate semi trucks and 18-wheelers.

However, some trucking companies may not give drivers the training they need. This places unprepared, inexperienced drivers in dangerous vehicles with the potential to cause catastrophic accidents. This is unacceptable. If you have been injured by an improperly trained truck driver, you should not let this offense go unpunished. Contact an Iowa lack of proper training lawyer from LaMarca Law Group, P.C., today at 877-327-2600.

The Importance of Truck Driver Training

Regular drivers may think that commercial truck driving is simply a matter of making sure you have more space around you than in a normal-sized vehicle. However, this is untrue. There are many skills that semi truck and 18-wheeler drivers must have, including:

  • Understanding of truck‚Äôs mechanical systems
  • Ability to properly operate transmission
  • Ability to remain cool under pressure
  • Preventing nervousness or anxiety from disrupting their driving
  • Reading dangerous weather and road conditions
  • Recognizing fatigue or other problems that can interfere with truck operation
  • Ability to adapt to different load balances

Releasing an untrained truck driver on the road is like letting an inexperienced, unlicensed teenager take to the roads. This is incredibly unsafe for both the truck driver and those around him.

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Some trucking companies may allow untrained drivers on the road in order to cut costs and stay on schedule. However, this negligence should not be ignored. If you have been injured by the actions of an inexperienced truck driver, you may be entitled to financial compensation to help you with your losses. To discuss your legal rights and options, contact an experienced Iowa lack of proper training attorney from LaMarca Law Group, P.C., at 877-327-2600 today.

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